“Toughguise” Response

Once again, I would like to comment on the quality of the title. Good punny stuff. 
This time around, the doc we watched focused on men, and the pressures/preconceived notions they combat every morning. After sipping a hot cup ‘o joe, tightening their ties, and shining their shoes, men are confronted with the reality that if they do not mask their emotions and put on a hard, logic-only exterior, they will be relegated to menial, piddling careers. 
Unfortunately, as a male who is thoroughly in touch with his feminine side, I believe the idea of men having to struggle to fill a “man’s” role is hogwash, and that it all stems from an inability to show weakness. While I do agree that more often than not this weakness has been ingrained in the offending masculine entity since toddlerdom, I feel that any person who rationally confronts the idea that men must be men in the traditional sense will see that this is not only irrational, but counterproductive to being a true worldly dude. One must accept weakness. Only then may one grow from it. 

At any rate, focusing more on the documentary, I do think this issue is magnified in certain ethnic groups through the lens of their cultural heritage. American society, largely free and first world, has long ascended past hunter/gatherer needs, and the typical male/female roles. However, many countries have not, and the echoes of these traditional archetypes can still be seen, and often cause problems in our society. 

In summation, while I do acknowledge that gender roles for men are often very limiting, though men maintain a large part of power in our society, I believe that our society also allows plenty of freedom to overcome and embrace the “feminine” side of manhood, and therefore, males who cannot acknowledge emotion and intimacy are living in the past. I hate men. I am men.

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