A Day Without Media Is Like a Tyler Perry Movie Without Madea

It is impossible. It isn’t impossible, but without a conscious effort, it is impossible. The relatively unconscious shift towards dependence on media of all mediums is something I have been very conscious of, and yet have still fallen headlong into. Honestly, I did not seriously attempt to go a day without media. My main justification was that I “needed” to check on “pressing” assignments on GAView, and monitor the progress of my intramural frisbee team. Even if this were truly necessary, I would have no justification for the hours I spent “feeding” on Facebook, watching TV, and mindlessly trawling Youtube in search of… something. Gratification? It was not found.
The fact of the matter is, media, phone and internet especially, have become alarmingly ingrained into our social psyche, to the point of dependence, in a very short amount of time.
What scares me most is that personally, I don’t remember what I was doing with myself before these things were around. I, and a large part of America, and the world, have forgotten how to live. We have replaced real interactions and activities with half-cocked, piddling back-and-forth’s designed to sate us from our sofas. We are all cattle, sucking from the trough of slop that is byte-size technology, and I believe we are already feeling the effects, whether we know it or not.
One look at Honey Boo Boo, one measure of Dubstep, and one hundred thirty something characters would be enough to horrify the cast of the original American Pie (aka people from ’99).
That is my macro-degenerative-media diatribe, written from my computer. As part of the herd, I will attempt to wean myself from “slop”, and head for greener pastures.
Mark Zuckerberg is the antichrist??

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